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Retribution Fever

A novel. Politics & Science Intersect.

Gene Richard Moss, M.D.

“The single biggest threat to man's continued dominance on the planet is the virus.” -Joshua Lederberg, PhD

Seemingly on the verge of self-annihilation, humanity need not destroy itself. Hope does exist. There is an alternative — a scientific alternative!

The near future. A declining United States of America — a nation on fire in a self-destructive world gone mad. Three Furies unleash their rage worldwide. Economic collapse. Nuclear terrorism. Plague inflicted by a lethal virus code-named “Retribution”.

Reeling under the resulting ruin, the populace, cognitively paralyzed by decades of incessant indoctrination, falls under the spell of grandiose promises by ideologues of The Left waving banners of “equality”, “humanitarianism”, and “social democracy”. Predictably, once in power, The Left becomes The Far Left as a new president increasingly imposes an oppressive tyranny.

Opposition arises. The rising opposition fuels the simmering fire of rebellion. Alternative to tyranny? Capitalistic democratic republicanism embracing traditional American ideals and values. Ah, but how to create and maintain such an alternative?

The would-be rebels find the answer where Politics and Science intersect. Plan? To revise The Constitution of the United States of America, maintaining its foundation while framing it in scientific principles based upon the laws of Nature. Goal? To have resurrected the original vision of the Founding Fathers — a nation promoting individual liberty characterized by moderation, prudence, and charity — this time, however, a vision that will endure as intended.

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Gene Richard Moss is a physician and Board-certified psychiatrist and an acknowledged expert in Biobehavioral Science. His work in design and deployment of clinical programs has benefitted tens of thousands of patients. He has published numerous professional papers; presented at numerous national and international conferences; served on the editorial boards of Behavior Therapy and Journal of Behavior Therapy & Experimental Psychiatry ; and served as consultant to the government in Sweden and the World Health Organization. Through story-telling, Dr. Moss hopes to alert the reading public to the extraordinary benefits, individually and societally, of the Scientific Method and the Science of Human Behavior.